Customer-culture workshops


It is not easy to really grasp the notion of a customer-focused culture within organisations, and the extent of its implications.  Most business leaders would agree that the concept is not very tangible, not easily accessible, not readily measurable, and not easy for many to explain. Some think of it as good customer service, others as having satisfied customers, and still others as providing a good customer experience.



To be truly customer-focused, the customer must be at the heart of all decisions made across all functions and units within an organisation.


91% of companies claim to be customer-focused
...only 10% of customers agree
— Forrester Research


Creating such a customer-centric mindset is a discipline that has to be developed over time - it can’t just be mandated. It must be developed, refined and, most importantly, practised so as to become the norm and habits that drive great customer experiences.


Customer-culture workshops are designed for key functional leaders from marketing, HR, sales, communications, products, and customer service. Their duration (1-3 days) is tailored depending on what you're trying to accomplish. Topics are covered in three broad categories:



Understanding what makes a superior customer experience

  • Connect the dots between customer centricity, customer experience, and business performance (operational excellence)
  • Assess cultural traits of a customer-centric organisation

Measuring and evaluating your customer-centricity

  • Map a big picture view of your customer experience
  • Use the Market Responsiveness Index (MRI) to measure the traits of customer-centricity in our organisation

Building a customer experience culture

  • Assess different customer experience tools and techniques
  • Develop a high-level roadmap for your business unit and/or organisation


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